Hey Now, You’re An All-Star

Sony’s Smash Bros. rival, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, is creeping ever closer to its UK release window of October 26th. But instead of the usual drip-feed of press announcements and hype generation, some sneaky sod has leaked a whole glutton of information about the game.

A selection of new fighters for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale had been tentatively suggested with a new set of leaked screen shots. Some argument has arisen over the legitimacy of the character select box shown here:

The screen showing Ratchet, Sackboy, Spike, Sir Daniel Fortesque, Nariko and, Evil Cole had cropped up some time ago and was previously dismissed as a possible fake. The re-emergence of this screen along with seemingly legitimate new stages lends more credence to these new character leaks being the real deal. The credit for turfing up this information goes to reddit user 696Ly who claims his source is “a friend of a friend”.

Here are some of the leaked stages:

BioShock Infinite arena, Columbia.

A stage set in the world of Killzone called Invasion.

Blackrock Stadium from Twisted Metal.

If each fighter is to receive their own stage, then could a Loco Roco character be on the cards?

Cole’s Infamous stage, Alden’s Tower, could be a multi-tiered arena

Sly Cooper’s Paris stage.

LittleBigPlanet stage.

As the now released beta reaches those with more technical know-how, expect to see large amounts of spoilers hit the net. A number if not all of the modes available in the game have also been outlined:

  • Arcade Mode
  • Capture the Flag
  • Challenge Trials
  • Character Trials
  • Countdown Attack
  • Free Roam
  • General Trials
  • King of the Hill
  • LAN Game
  • Solo Play

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